Island Partners Hawai'i

Hawai'i’s Event Design & DMC Expert

Island Partners Hawai‘i brings our own inimitable style to the art-science of Event Design & Production and Destination Management – superlative creative talent, intimate island knowledge, personalized service and a Hawaiian sense-of-place – to create an integrated model of originality, cohesion and comprehensive program management.


Our team is Your Team. Together, we’ll redefine event design, production and destination services.

Decades of relevant industry experience and practical application, passion for creative solutions and continuing innovation, inclusion into leading professional associations. Island Partners Hawai’i event planners have a desire to attain the highest standards of professional recognition, to keep raising-the-bar,  to lead by example and deed.

Integration and assimilation of your corporate values in conjunction with relevant Hawaiian values offer unique perspectives for Your Special Incentive Program or Meeting.